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Press Releases 2024

German MEP delighted with portrait at Crawford Supported Studios (906kb)
A Matter of Time dual press release (28kb)
St. Brigid's Day Dual Language PR (22kb)
Dark Dark Mouth PR (90kb)

Press Releases 2023

Harry Clarke PR (17kb)
PHOTOS INCLUDED: Cork’s Supported Studio art stars draw up a storm at Dublin Meta HQ visit (24kb)
100 years of Building as Witness: six exciting new commissions at Crawford Art Gallery (29kb)
Tánaiste Micheál Martin to unveil historic new acquisition at Crawford Art Gallery (166kb)
In Ireland, over 3,000 artworks are on the move (18kb)
Music At Midday returns (240kb)
Culture Night at the Crawford (99kb)
Following Threads PR (2mb)
Harry Clarke Conservation PR (4mb)
Voices From the Fields / Guthanna ón nGort by Lisa Fingleton PR (6mb)
June Listing (image)
Rita Duffy PR (5mb)
Music at Midday PR (Word Doc)
Bodywork PR (3mb)
Muscle: A question of Power PR (1.5mb)
Planning permission granted for ambitious redevelopment of Crawford Art Gallery PR (111kb)
Crawford Supported Studios Launch PR (2mb)
Work of the Week 100th Episode PR (1mb)
St. Brigid's Day PR (652kb)
Danny McCarthy: Found Sound (Lost at Sea) 11.1.11 PR (1.4mb)

Press Releases 2022

Other Worlds: Harry Clarke Exhibition PR (4.5mb)
Crawford Art Gallery Reflects on a Successful Year PR (700kb)
Crawford Art Gallery Redevelopment Fund (Word Document)
Cork Airport Partnership PR (5mb)
Food Futures PR (4.7mb)
Eithne Jordan PR (2mb)
Music at Midday PR (2mb)
Our Daily Bread PR (1.4mb)
Corban Walker PR (486kb)
Culture Night 2022 (5mb)
Locavore PR (5mb)
Seeds are stories workshop PR (3.8mb)
Heritage Week at Crawford Art Gallery (4mb)
As They Must Have Been PR (3mb)
Meat and Potatoes PR (6mb)
Announcement of Funding PR (4mb)
Thursday Tours PR (112kb)
Music at Midday June PR (805kb)
Music at Midday PR (1mb)
Zurich Portrait Prize | Zurich Young Portrait Prize PR (1.7mb)
Gallery Reopening PR (705kb)
St. Patrick's Weekend Special Events (4.3mb)
Crawford Temporary Closure PR (538kb)
Port of Cork PR (PDF 167kb)
Tours PR (Word Doc. 1.8mb)
Saturation PR (PDF 1.8mb)
Odysseys PR (PDF 3.7mb)
What's on Spring 2022 (PDF 278kb)
Pat McDonnell Paints | SATURATION: the everyday transformed PR (PDF 591kb)
Danny McCarthy - Found Sound PR (PDF 1.3mb)

Press Releases 2021

Year in Review (PDF 1mb)
Crawford at Christmas (PDF 1mb)
Harry Clarke PHANTOMS & PHANTASIES (PDF 488kb)
Crawford Port of Cork PR (PDF 326kb)
An Taoiseach, Micheál Martin T.D. visits Crawford Art Gallery PR (PDF 757kb)
Edith Somerville & Patrick Scott PR (PDF 745kb)
Rembrandt in Print PR (PDF 425kb)
Culture Night 2021 (PDF 244kb)
One City One Book (PDF 403kb)
Brian Maguire Press Release (864kb)
Crawford Art Gallery Redevelopment Fund (PDF 127kb)
New Threads Press Release (PDF 476kb)
Menagerie Press Release (PDF 354kb)
Laura Fitzgerald Press Release (PDF 488kb)
Yvonne Condon Press Release (620kb)
Doug Fishbone Press Release (489kb)
Friends Acquisition Press Release (424kb)
May Reopening PR (PDF 420kb)
Dara McGrath Press Release (PDF 403kb)
Seoda Press Release (PDF 359kb)
AFI 2021 PR (PDF 217kb)
Secondary Schools Resources PR (PDF 870kb)
Covid Charter Safety PR (PDF 313kb)
Citizen Nowhere | Citizen Somewhere: The Imagined Nation Video (PDF 814kb)
Book Sale Press Release (PDF 160kb)

Press Releases 2020

Harry Clarke Marginalia and Gallery Closure (PDF 894kb)
Extended Opening Hours for festive period (PDF 698kb)
Citizen Nowhere | Citizen Somewhere: The Imagined Nation (PDF 386kb)
Crawford Art Gallery to Reopen 1 December (PDF 274kb)
Acquisition Fund (PDF 700kb)
Announcement for Crawford Art Gallery from Government (PDF 736kb)
Crawford Art Gallery Culture Night 2020 (2mb)
KEVIN GAFFNEY: Expulsion (239kb)
Statio Bene Press Release (457kb)
Crawford Reopens Press Release (PDF 330kb)
Crawford Art Gallery and National Gallery of Ireland Partnership (PDF 236kb)
In Transit PR (700kb)
Artists' Film International (138kb
Crawford Art Gallery featured on BBC2 special on the nude in art (136kb)
Stephen Doyle Press Release (1mb)

Press Releases 2019

250,000 Visitors in 2019 (135kb)
Orla Barry Book Launch (95kb
Vajiko Chachkhiani Press Release (278kb)
Daphne Wright Press Release (125kb)
Will Sliney Superheroes Takeover PR (257kb)
Awards Shortlist for Crawford Gallery (PDF 310kb)
Marianne Keating (PDF175kb)
Seen not Heard (PDF183kb)
The Fig Reveal (PDF146kb)
National Gallery of Ireland welcomes Crawford Art Gallery as partner for Zurich Portrait Prize 2019 (PDF146kb)
Gibson Bequest (PDF381kb)
Mary Swanzy (PDF381kb)
Andrew Kearney (PDF 399kb)
Recasting Canova (PDF 220kb)

Press Releases 2018

Earth Wind & Fire (PDF 2mb)
Crawford Art Gallery Acquisition (PDF 355kb)
Naked Tour of Naked Truth (PDF 186kb)
Brian O'Doherty (PDF 460kb)
Naked Truth (PDF 1.6mb)
Phillip Toledano (PDF 752kb)
Stampa Ora (PDF 125kb)
Heroes and Villains (PDF 342kb)

Press Releases 2017

Ragnar Kjartansson: Guilt Trip (PDF 752kb)
Aideen Barry: Not To Be Known (PDF 3.9mb)
Orla Barry: Breaking Rainbows (PDF 1.1mb)
Sonia Shiel: Rectangle, squared. (PDF 2mb)
Danny McCarthy Beyond Silence:
A Bell Rings in an Empty Sky
(PDF 103kb)
Jasmina Cibic THE NATION LOVES IT (PDF 245kb)
Crawford Art Gallery 2017 Exhibition Programme Highlights (PDF 115b)

Press Releases 2016

The Crawford At The Castle (PDF 120kb)
Perceptions 2016 The Art of Citizenship (PDF 148kb)
Made in Cork: Cork Arts & Crafts (PDF 234kb)
Annie O’Ne CANTHUS (PDF 211kb)
Elaine Byrne - Rakoczy’s March (PDF 515kb)
Conflicting Visions in a Turbulent Age (PDF 428kb)
1916 Ireland In Contemporary Art (PDF 723kb)
Martin Healy (PDF 262kb)

Press Releases 2015

Adam Buck (PDF 205kb)
Doug DuBois (PDF 135kb)
William Hunt (PDF 667kb)
Seán Scully (PDF 99kb)
Vivienne Roche (PDF 413kb)
Reconfigurations (PDF 2mb)
Displaced - Alice Schwab (PDF 1.53mb)
Kathy Prendergast (PDF 420kb)
Brian Duggan (PDF 919kb)

Press Releases 2014

Motivational Deficit (PDF 245kb)
Kennedy Browne (PDF 1.08mb)
Mark Clare (PDF 103kb)
Distant Relations (PDF 1.2mb)
Three Centuries of Irish Art (PDF 47kb)

Press Releases 2012

Sean Keating (PDF 613kb)
Burke and Norfolk (PDF 75kb)
Simon Fujiwara (PDF 402kb)
AIB Art Collection (PDF 16kb)
Grogan and Butts (PDF 65kb)

Press Releases 2011

Gravity (PDF 86Kb)
All My Lovin' (PDF 1.0 Mb)
Cecily Brennan (PDF 1.0 Mb)
Charles Tyrrell (PDF 9.34 Mb)
Grace Weir (PDF 1.37 Mb)
Shane Cullen (PDF 220Kb)
Strange Attractor (PDF 1.4 Mb)
Eamon O'Kane (PDF 2.11 Mb)

Press Releases 2010

The Willows (PDF 4.77 Mb)
Close to Hand (PDF 263Kb)
Backwater 2010 (PDF 18.23 Mb)

Press Releases 2009

Terror and Sublime (PDF 1.4 Mb)
There Not There (PDF 1.2 Mb)

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