Homelife Sunday 1 - 22 March 2020

Sundays at the Crawford Art Gallery invite you to make a sketchbook over the next few weeks. It will be a space to play, creatively respond to home life and inventing ways for making art in your sketchbook.

You can also make an Avatar that will represent your character in the sketchbook.

We will be using all kinds of materials we can find around the house to create different environments for our Avatar to inhabit.

We will improvise as much as possible - this is part of the game. It is well worth having a block of A4 paper in the house for this project and gather together all of your drawing tools and keep an eye on the recycling bin for useful bits 🙂

Today you will make a seven-page section to cover week 1
Here is a list of MATERIALS and EQUIPMENT I used:



Be inventive!
If you don't have a large needle what else could you use?
To make HOLES...
Do you have a hole punch, knitting needle, wooden or metal skewer, toothpick...?
Also, you can measure and mark each page and punch one page at a time, making sure all holes match up.
I have a special hole punching tool called a 'brad awl' - I didn't use this today as I know this is quite specialist.
In the coming weeks, a part of the fun is to find our own materials to do the job!

Homelife Avatar
Click on the image to download a PDF of the workshop

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Also, you can view the how-to video below. Click on the enlarge icon at the end of the play bar to view in full screen.

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Homelife Sunday No. 2 - 29 March 2020

Handmade Experiments with Rubbings

It's time to experiment inside our special new sketchbooks with RUBBINGS! Once again, all the fun is in improvising with materials you find at home or outside. Create a colourful, leafy jungle for your Avatar to explore or a city made of different shapes and textures. Simply sharpen your pencil, place the items you find underneath a piece of paper and rub your pencil over the surface. Try pressing gently and hard, or using different colours...the golden rule is to be inventive!

Don't forget to share your creations inspired by these Sunday online workshops using #crawfordartgalleryhomelife

Here is a list of MATERIALS and EQUIPMENT used:

Take a look at this video for lots of great ideas:

Click on the image below to download instructions in PDF format

Homelife 2
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Colour our Collection

Download a colouring sheet and break out your pencils, crayons and stickers!

Edith Somerville 
The Goose Girl

Edith Somerville
The Goose Girl

About the artwork
This young girl has made friends with the farmyard goose and does not want to see him being served for dinner! The artist Edith Somerville was born in Corfu in 1858, but she spent much of her life living in Castletownsend, West Cork. 

Throughout her life, she painted and sketched daily, while successfully publishing short stories and novels with her cousin Violet Martin. 

Download pdf here

You can view the original artwork here

James Barry

James Barry
Portraits of Barry and Burke in the Characters of Ulysses and his Companion Fleeing from the Cave of Polyphemus

Cork-born artist James Barry gave this work a snappy title Portraits of Barry and Burke in the Characters of Ulysses and his Companion Fleeing from the Cave of Polyphemus! James Barry was born in Water Lane, Cork City in 1741. In this picture, he imagines that his friend and teacher, the philosopher Edmund Burke, is a legendary Greek hero called Ulysses. They are trying to escape from a monster called Polyphemus who is a cyclops, shown hunched in the background. A cyclops is a giant monster from legend with just one eye!

Download the PDF here

You can view the original artwork here

Colour the collection bar image

John Lavery
The Red Rose

About the artwork: 
This is a very romantic painting of a woman holding a lovely red rose. The woman’s name is Hazel Lavery. It is one of over 400 portraits that John Lavery, her husband, made of her. One of his portraits of Hazel even appeared on Irish banknotes in 1928. Can you imagine your own face printed on money? The Red Rose started off as another person’s portrait, but John decided it would be better to paint his wife again! John painted over this canvas several times. So why not experiment? Raid the house for recycling materials to reimagine this picture with collage.

Download PDF here

View the original artwork here

Colour the collection bar image

Gerard Dillon
Old Woman & Washing
c. 1959

About the artwork:
The artist Gerard Dillon loved the people of Connemara, he wanted to show life in the West of Ireland. This painting shows the inside of a cottage before cookers, washing machines, central heating, widescreen televisions or even hoovers! The woman who lives here keeps her home spick and span, her washing is drying and her teapots are warming in front of the fire. Look, there is a place waiting for you by the cosy fire! Imagine what stories this woman could tell.

Download pdf here

View the original artwork here

Francois I and Diane de Poitiers
Daniel Maclise

About the artwork: 
What is this fellow holding in his hand? Does his face look angry, sneaky, surprised or sad? This character is a jester from a painting by Daniel Maclise. 

Daniel was an artist from Cork and he loved history, theatre and storytelling. His painting tells the story of a woman called Diane who comes to the King of France to beg for her father’s release from prison. Her father is released, but Diane must stay with the King.

Can you imagine what happens next?

Download the PDF here

View the original artwork here

John Baptist Closterman
Portrait of a Gentleman

About the artwork: 
This painting is over 300 years old! It was painted in the 17th century, photography had not been invented and only the richest people could afford to have a portrait painted. We do not know the name of the gentleman in this portrait, it is a mystery. Feeling playful? Give this gentleman a cunning disguise to add to the mystery! 

Download PDF here

View the original artwork here


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Talking Pictures

25 March 2020

Talking Pictures for Children 

Talking Pictures is an online resource for children and their adults based on artwork from the Crawford Art Gallery Collection. We will share creative prompts for happy talk and play every Wednesday.

About the artwork
This printed artwork was made by Jan De Fouw, a Dutch designer and illustrator who made his home in Ireland in 1951. He loved to draw animals and delighted audiences with his light-hearted cartoons and magazine illustrations.  

What is a print?

A print is a design or pattern transferred from one surface to another, think of a shoe print, a hand print or a potato print! Jan De Fouw made his picture of a rhino on a small sheet of metal, this was covered with ink and pressed on paper.

Let's Play!

Can you give our rhinoceros a name?

What did he eat for breakfast this morning? 

Take our rhinoceros for a walk. 

Where do you think he lives? 

In a tropical forest, a swamp, a big muddy puddle…

Draw some animal friends to keep our rhinoceros company?

Can you write a rhino poem that makes you laugh?

Use words that rhyme with rhino

radio domino Eskimo puppet-show
big-toe long-ago tomato Picasso  
very slow potato Mexico indigo
river-flow volcano pistachio
I know!   Banjo   slow   tip-toe  
hello bright-yellow    eye-shadow  
bingo   borrow   mango   hero  
jumbo   swallow             

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Talking Pictures Week 2: Food Glorious Food!

1 April 2020

Talking Pictures is an online resource for children and their adults based on artwork from the Crawford Art Gallery Collection. We will share creative prompts for happy talk and play every Wednesday. 

About the artwork

This drawing shows a very hungry customer and a dancing chef! 

Alfred Bendiner (1899-1964) was an American artist who made lots of quick drawings full of fun and mischief. Alfred would sketch wherever he went, often in cafĂ©s and restaurants, using scraps of paper or menus. His restaurant drawings show silly waiters, plump chefs, fantastic food and all sorts of curious customers!

Let’s Play!

Feeling peckish?

Our table is set with a place just for you!

To work up an appetite, can you draw all of your favourite food on a very large plate?

Can you design an extravagant sandwich for our menu?

What ingredients will you use?

ham   sweets   cheese   lettuce   coleslaw  

custard   ketchup   jam   tomato   ice cream

sliced pan   sausage   peanut butter   spinach  

beef   butter   crisps   chocolate   cabbage   

banana   mustard   jelly   brussels sprouts  

salami   tuna   chocolate sauce   onion   broccoli 

Write about eating your extravagant sandwich!

You can dip into our word-soup below!

gobble   gobble    munch   munch    sip    slurp    chew   swallow

lick   warm   yummy  tummy   spoon   drip   drop   share  slow 

quick   dip   its mine!   slip   slop   smell   sniff   taste   tongue   teeth 

napkin   more!   full   wrap   tease   scrumptious   burp   smooth   light  

fluffy   crispy   delicious   nom-nom-nom   lumpy   table   salty   

HOT  plate   NO!   Wait   crunch   hiccup   spicy   sweet   MMMMM!!  

Want to keep playing?

Collect bits and bobs from around the house to design your own house menu!

Wool makes hairy spaghetti, for pretend eating only!
Collage scraps of fabric and cut out shapes from paper to create new dishes.
Beads and buttons in a saucepan make for a noisy, yet hearty stew.
Raid the recycling bin for this and that!
If you have access to a garden, whisk up some mud pies in old containers and decorate with a garnish of leaves and stones.

Bon Appetit!

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