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Talking Pictures Week 27: A Magical Place

Norah McGuinness, River to the Sea, 1959, oil on canvas, (c) the artist’s estate

Talking Pictures for Children 

Talking Pictures is an online resource for children and their adults based on artwork from the Crawford Art Gallery Collection. We will share creative prompts for happy talk and play every Wednesday.

About the artwork:

This painting is called River to the Sea, it was painted by an Irish artist called Norah Mc Guinness. Norah has painted a magical place, there are wild grasses and flowers, a golden field by a river, and walk a little further you will reach the sea. There is a traditional thatched cottage with piles of turf outside for a cosy fire. 

Norah loved to paint and over time she developed her own style, this painting looks a bit like a jigsaw, doesn’t it? There is a man near the river’s edge, maybe he lives in the thatched cottage in the distance, maybe he is going to catch a fat fish for his dinner.

Look Closer

This a colourful place, what colours can you see?
What colours are the mountains in the distance?
Look at the sky, Norah has painted the sky with the shades of blue, do you think that rain is coming?

Let's Play

Imagine that you can step right into this painting!
What can you hear?
What can you smell?
What can you touch?
Is it a hot day, or is there a breeze, is rain coming?
Can you follow the river in this painting, where will it lead you?
Maybe you will climb a mountain?
Maybe you will paddle in the sea?
Maybe you will wander through the fields?
Imagine this painting as a film, press play what happens next?

Let's Draw

Draw your own colourful place, a magical place just for you!
Will you draw tall mountains or gentle hills, soft grass to lie in, trees to climb, wild flowers, a river to follow, rocks to climb, a cave to explore, a sandy beach, shells to collect..?
Can you find some of the colours that Norah has used at home?
Look for blues, greens, yellows, orange and purple.
Ask a grown up to help you rummage! 
You can use anything you like, crayons, markers, pencils, coloured paper, cut up magazines...

Imagine More!

Imagine that you live in the cottage in the distance.
Can you draw what it looks like inside?
Who lives in the cottage with you?
Do you have a pet?
What will you cook for dinner?
What can you see from your window?

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