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Talking Pictures Week 12: Traveller Pride

Norah Brigid Ni Chuill (1924/25 - 1993), Game of Cards, 1959

Talking Pictures for Children 

Talking Pictures is an online resource for children and their adults based on artwork from the Crawford Art Gallery Collection. We will share creative prompts for happy talk and play every Wednesday.

About the artwork
This painting is called ‘Game of Cards’ and was created in 1959. The painting shows a big family who have parked up their wagon or ‘vardo’, their horse is munching on grass in the background. The whole family is playing a game of cards outdoors with mammy and the youngest baby watching. Talking Pictures would like to mark Cork Traveller Pride festival which celebrates the culture and traditions of the Traveller community.

Spot the Difference

spot the difference

Spot the Difference! There are 8 differences in the picture above compared to the original image below. Look closely…Can you find them all? The answers will be in next week’s ‘Talking Pictures’!

Game of Cards
Game of Cards, 1959 (Original image)

Imagine if you lived in a horse-drawn wagon and travelled from place to place…

  • Where would you visit?
  • Where would you stop for the night?
  • Where would you get your food?
  • How would you cook your dinner?
  • Would you travel fast or sloooww?
  • What animals or birds would you see as you travel along?
  • Who would you bring with you?
  • You wouldn’t have a TV or any kind of screen so what would you do for fun in the countryside?

Set up Camp

Why don’t you set up camp in your house or garden! You could use blankets and pillows to make a camp fort. Use clothes pegs to clip the blankets together and use shoes to keep them in place. Build around what you’ve got…In between couches and armchairs works well, or under a table. Make it nice and cosy.

Now…how will you entertain yourself in your camp…how about some storytelling?

Irish Travellers have a long tradition of storytelling. Storytelling is a great way to entertain each other on a long journey or when camping.

Folded Story

deep fish

Write out the first line of the story and then fold over the piece of paper and give it to someone else allowing them to see only the previous line.

caught a fish

When you are finished, unfold the piece of paper and see what silly story you have!
You can think of your own first line, or here are some to get you started…

  • The rabbit chased the fox around the field…
  • The grumpy badger wouldn’t leave his house…

In traditional Traveller culture, stories were told without writing them down, people just remembered all the stories and passed them down to their children and grandchildren. Can you tell a story without reading it? By going around in a circle and saying the next line of the story..? Or by saying just one word each? See how silly the story can get!

You can think of your own first line, or here are some to get you started…

  • The horse needs new shoes…
  • The swallow bird flew to Africa…
  • The fish was afraid of the water…

Card games… Let’s play

The people in this painting are playing cards. Most people have a deck of cards in their house so let’s play with cards too! If you don’t have a deck of cards at home you can make some on paper.  Ask your adult to show you some fun card games like ‘Go Fish’, ‘Pairs’ and ‘Snap’ but right now we’re going to use cards to do a fun workout!

Playing Card Workout

This is a fun, creative way of getting some exercise with your friends or family using a deck of cards. Take turns picking a card from the deck and do the exercise below that matches. The number on the card shows you the number of times to do the exercise. If you get a joker you must do 10 burpees! Make sure you take rests and maybe you could think of other exercises to add in too! Have fun.

card workout

Number on Card = How many you do!
J=11, Q=12, K=13, A=14
Joker = 10 burpees

We would love to hear your stories and artworks inspired by Talking Pictures! Share them with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the #crawfordartgalleryhomelife.

Talking Picture week 11 was devised by Hazel Hurley
(see her work at

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