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Homelife Sunday 1 | 22 March 2020 | with Artist Julie Forrester

Sundays at the Crawford Art Gallery invite you to make a sketchbook over the next few weeks. It will be a space to play, creatively respond to home life and inventing ways for making art in your sketchbook.

You can also make an Avatar that will represent your character in the sketchbook.

We will be using all kinds of materials we can find around the house to create different environments for our Avatar to inhabit.

We will improvise as much as possible - this is part of the game. It is well worth having a block of A4 paper in the house for this project and gather together all of your drawing tools and keep an eye on the recycling bin for useful bits 🙂

Today you will make a seven-page section to cover week 1
Here is a list of MATERIALS and EQUIPMENT I used:


  • 7 x A4 sheets of paper
  • A Needle ( a big one)
  • Some Thread
  • A Cork
  • A Ruler
  • A pair of Scissors


  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • A Sharpie or other drawing tool
  • Glue

Be inventive!
If you don't have a large needle what else could you use?
To make HOLES...
Do you have a hole punch, knitting needle, wooden or metal skewer, toothpick...?
Also, you can measure and mark each page and punch one page at a time, making sure all holes match up.
I have a special hole punching tool called a 'brad awl' - I didn't use this today as I know this is quite specialist.
In the coming weeks, a part of the fun is to find our own materials to do the job!

Homelife Avatar
Click on the image to download a PDF of the workshop

#crawfordartgalleryhomelife Sunday online workshops

Also, you can view the how-to video below. Click on the enlarge icon at the end of the play bar to view in full screen.

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