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7 November–14 December 2001

'Within contemporary art today the emphasis on photography, video and installation work seems all pervasive. So it is with some radicalism that we present the work of the abstract painter, Richard Gorman, It is not, as some would believe, that painting is dead, it is just that painting is hard, and competency takes its time, and that time must be full of the practice of painting.'
Patrick T. Murphy, Director, RHA Gallagher Gallery, Dublin

Richard Gorman was born in Dublin in 1946. He had always wanted to be an artist, but being the eldest son was expected to assume responsibilty for a family-run business. At the age of 30 he finally realised his original ambition and became a full-time painter.

Having studied at Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design, Gorman moved to Paris in 1983, where he established a studio and specialised in lithograph printing. In 1984 Gorman moved to Milan where he is currently based.

Today Richard Gorman is one of Ireland÷s foremost Irish artists working in the area of abstraction. Until the mid-1990÷s Gorman was known for his highly worked and textured canvases, whose animated surfaces were built up with heavy layers of paint.

However, in his most recent paintings his style has been sublimated into an increasinlgy minimal language of reduction, in which colour, form, and balance are the most imprtant elements.

This sense of balance and polished simplicity can be clearly seen in the series of NINE PAINTINGS selected specially for this solo exhibition, previously shown at the R.H.A Gallery in Dublin. Painting in a mixture of oil and tempera on heavy linen canvas, Gorman uses soft brushes or rubber spatulas to achieve a 'lucid, flat, and factual quality to the painted surface.'

He says of his work: 'My paintings are not conceptual in the sense of being planned out in advance, and may go through many stages in their period of evolution. I try to remain open to the possibility of surprise, while searching to achieve unity in the tensions and balances between areas of colour and their relationship with the edge of the canvas.'

The exhibition opens Wednesday 7 November , and continues until 4 December. A fully illustrated catalogue is available.

Further information from: Anne Boddaert, Exhibitions Officer.

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