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Crawford Supported Studio 2020 with GASP and CUIG artists

Gasp Open Studio

What is a Supported Studio?
A supported studio is a sustained creative environment for individuals with specific health or social needs. Supported Studios provide technical artistic support, networks and audiences outside the health and social care settings. 

The GASP and CUIG artists will be based in the Crawford Art Gallery each Tuesday throughout 2019, and on Thursdays in the CIT Crawford College - Arts in Health and Education Department, with artist-facilitators Mairead O’Callaghan and Karolina Poplawska. We are proud to have the opportunity to work in partnership with the GASP and Cuig artists as they continue to gain a strong reputation for their work with an extensive exhibition record, as well as, our partners Cope Foundation, Arts in Health & Education CIT Crawford College of Art & Design and Cork CIty Council.

About the artists:
Katie Whelan- Katie's warm personality speaks through her art, where as she says 'it's all about love’. Her sketches tell stories from her life. Through her painting process a feast of colors and shapes are constantly evolving. Many of her paintings can be found home in cafes and private collections around Cork City. (GASP artist)
Rosaleen Moore- In private life Rosaleen loves to play golf and to crochet, in her art work she is a traveller. She paints places that she knows from her memories, places that she passes every day and those that she imagines visiting in the future. Under her brush, streets lose real perspective but gain a new free-wheeling quality that hold all sorts of new adventures. (GASP artist)
Tom O'Sullivan- Tom works mainly in acrylic paint technique. His art presents combinations of natural scenery with imaginary landscapes. His paintings speak through a expressive mixture of colours. Tom exhibited successfully in places like Wandesford Quay Gallery, Sirius Art Centre, The Vision Centre and Public Museum, Cork. (GASP artist)
Íde Ni Shúilleabháin- Íde depicts objects and people using geometric shapes, her strong and confident style re-imagines the familiar. Her favorite techniques are watercolours pencils and coffee drawings. Íde is dedicated and incredibly focused. (GASP artist)
Yvonne Condon- Yvonne is a dynamic artist from East Cork. Using vibrant colours and confident lines in just few minutes Yvonne captures the essence of portrayed person or object.  Derek Foot filmed several hundred of Yvonne's paintings displayed in Cork City Hall Auditorium in 2016 - it was just a small part of Yvonne yearly output. (GASP artist)
Ailbhe Barrett- Ailbhe has worked as an artist in residence at Mayfield Arts Centre for the past 9 years, as part of the Cúig studio programme. Ailbhe's media are mainly acrylic and watercolours. Her latest work is inspired by famous portraits. Ailbhe version of Mona Lisa got great attention on Beyond: Irish Outsider Art exhibition in 2015. (CUIG artist)
Bríd Heffernan- Bríd has worked as an artist in residence with Mayfield Centre Arts for the past 10 years. She works primarily in mixed media, often dry point etching and acrylic inks. Her work is inspired by world of fashion and design. Bríd's art was exhibited in many national galleries and galleries in Hamburg,  Amsterdam, London, New York and more. Recently she's focused on a solo exhibition planned for 2018. (CUIG artist)

David Connolly

David Connolly - GASP artist David works in a methodical and meditative way. He is interested in the physical qualities of paint.  His paintings are heavily textured and abstract allowing for interpretation, while placing the paint itself ‘centre stage’. (GASP artist)

Marie Sexton

Marie Sexton - GASP artist Marie traces her own hands, outlines them, draws grids on them and then, using a dry point tool, scores into those lines. Paint is applied and wiped off almost as if preparing a plate for printing. The physicality of her art making process seems to suggest the communication of presence, stamping of identity, here I am, where are you?......(GASP artist)

John Whelan

John Whelan - John works with acrylic paint in an instinctive manner layering marks and colours. Although abstract his paintings often suggest an otherworldliness, presence or being. (GASP artist)

Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray - Stephen was employed as an artist in residence  in Mayfield Arts Centre for 10 years and has exhibited extensively.  Stephen works with a constant awareness of the whole picture plane, large or small. He constructs his intricate surfaces methodically and with deep concentration. Stephen has worked a lot in black, white and line recently. He is now exploring colour and the new possibilities of rich and textured surfaces to unify the picture surface. (GASP artist)

Angela Burchill

Angela Burchill - Angela has been employed as artist in residence in Mayfield Arts Centre. At the moment she is working with brightly colour pencils on prepared backgrounds. People and their stories inspire Angela; people in the public eye, historical or religious figures. Right now Angela is using her own photographs as inspiration to breathe new life into personal memories. (CUIG artist)

John Nowells

John Nowells - At the moment John is working with mixed media. He works quickly, rarely reworking the picture surface. He makes strong, boldly coloured portraits which seem to command the viewer to engage. (GASP artist)

Hermann Marbe

Hermann Marbe

Hermann Marbe, founder of the Glasheen Artists Studio Project (GASP) has died after a short illness. 

Hermann was a nurse, who worked within COPE foundation supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities, gifted artist, creative facilitator, photographer, a radical and a wonderful human being. 

A long-time collaborator with the Learn and Explore programme here in the gallery, he championed creativity and real inclusion with a lightness of touch, incredible warmth and personal dignity.

Hermann,  the GASP artists (COPE), and Cuig artists (Mayfield Arts Centre) have had a strong presence in the gallery since 2012. Participating in two important exhibitions in 2013 and 2016 and collaborating on many events for our programmes for Culture Night, Cork Lifelong Learning Festival, Lonradh. 

Hermann championed supported studios in Cork.

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