Culture night 2012
The Lord’s BMW (2011)
Jean-Charles Hue
(born 1968, France)
Feature film: 84 minutes
Triskel Arts Centre
Friday 8th March 8:30pm

In the Lords BMW Jean-Charles Hue tries to capture fragments of life and the biographical stories of a Romani/Yeniche family, The Yeniche are a traveller community where respect for ones elders and religious fervor go hand in hand with law breaking.

The film follows the Dorkels, a family living on the outskirts of society in the north of France and interweaves the events that punctuate their nomadic life spent in caravans. This unconventional reality may seem fictional to the viewer, as the events appear divorced from normal life. The camera records everything, even the explosion of a bullet a few inches from the artist one drunken night. Jean-Charles’s grandfather was Yenniche giving him a blood tie to the people in the film.

Jean-Charles Hue is an artist and video filmmaker specializing in documentary film. He participated in the 2009 Bandits-Mages de Bourges Festival and at Hors Pistes at the Centre Pompidou, Paris. In 2006 he was awarded the best video work award in the LOOP video fair, Barcelona. He lives and works in Paris.

This special screening kindly hosted by Triskel Arts Centre is part of the United States of Europe.

This project is a partnership between the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork Civic Trust and the National Sculpture Factory. United States of Europe is part of the Culture Connects Programme of Ireland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

This project was initiated by the Goethe Institut Paris.
The exhibition is on in the Crawford Art Gallery, Emmet Place Cork March 08 to March 30.


Still from 'The Lord's BMW'