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The world can wait no longer
Image © Mark Clare
The World Could Wait No Longer, 2010 
Until 1 November 2014 

The World Could Wait No Longer, 2010 takes its impetus from the Orange Alternative who were an underground protest movement in Poland that used surrealism and happenings as a means of protesting  against the communist regime in power during the 1980’s. The work is staged in a dark theatrical setting and the props are reminiscent of the Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park in London.

The actor recites an amended version of the Manifesto of the Orange Alternative written by Major Waldemar Fydrych, this text embodied the surrealist notion of using surreal actions and humour as a method to question political thought, art, philosophy and social theory. Fydrych’s writings act as an extension of Andre Breton’s (1896-1966) assertion that surrealism was essentially a revolutionary movement.  

The exhibition is part of Mark Clare: I Believe in You
(until 1 November 2014).