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January 17–April 5, 2014

In the Crawford Art Gallery's dedicated screening room David (2013) by Amanda Dunsmore depicts Senator David Norris, a leading Irish campaigner for gay rights, a humanist, a conservationist and academic. Dunsmore's silent video portrait films Senator Norris sat composed, surrounded by books and the remnants of Joyce related activities in the attic of the James Joyce Centre, Dublin.  This unique portrait allows time for the audience to experience the person behind Senator Norris’s public personality. The study of stillness and his silence reveals perhaps more about the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community that he has advocated for.

Amanda Dunsmore spent a year engaging with the older LGBT community in County Galway. The aim of the residency was to connect with this group of people who have lived through dramatic changes in Irish society, and create a piece of work which will reflect their lives and experiences. ‘David’ was created as part of the Galway County Council Public Art Residency Programme - Artist in Residence with Galway's Older LGBT Community.
The artworks of Amanda Dunsmore originate from specific social contexts and are presented using video, sound, performance, photography and installation. Past projects have reflected on acts of social preservation including the Northern Ireland Keeper (1998-2007) project.  In Dunsmore's Others Have Their Heads (2008-2013) series, she creates visual metaphors applicable to contemporary social/political issues but also allude to more personal and literal interpretations. She has shown extensively nationally and internationally and is currently based in County Clare.   

Saturday 8 March: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Liz Burns, Arts Programme Manager, Fire Station Studios, Dublin; Christine, Galway Older Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual and Transgender Community and Amanda Dunsmore, Artist
will discuss how the year long engagement with Galway's Older LBGT Community and the ideas behind Dunsmore's resulting work David

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