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Richard Mosse Artist’s Talk
4 August 2pm
Admission free

Richard Mosse is a young Irish artist who has achieved considerable attention for his restrained and highly aestheticized views of sites associated with violence and fear. INFRA offers a fevered inflation of the traditional reportage document underlining the growing tension between art, fiction and photojournalism. Richard Mosse initiates a dialogue with photography that begins as an intoxicating mediation on a broken genre, but ends as a haunting elegy for a vividly beautiful land touched by unspeakable tragedy

“The subject of my work in Congo is the conflict’s intangibility, the irruption of the real beneath the generic conventions – it is a problem of representation. The word ‘infra’ means below, what is beneath. A dialogue about form and representation is one of the work’s objectives, so I don’t think it’s a bad thing if people get hung up on the way Congo has been depicted, rather than what is being depicted. That’s the point really”.
*Richard Mosse in conversation with Jorg M. Cölberg

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Infra runs from the Saturday 4th August to Sunday 2 September at Sirius Art Centre Cobh.

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