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Culture Night 2014  Friday 19th September, 5–10pm
Culture Night 2014
Friday 19th September, 5–10pm

For Families
family treasure hunt from 5pm onwards; collect your quiz sheet to search for clues hidden within the gallery’s art work, winners will receive fantastic art prizes!
Find shadow screens and drawing materials for making playful portraits and all sorts of people pictures.

For the Curious
Before the invention of the camera, silhouette artists created inexpensive portraits and family keepsakes. Using just scissors and black paper the silhouette artist produced miniature portraits in profile, echoing the contours of the sitter’s face.

Explore the exhibition Art of the Silhouette in 19th Century Cork, meet a silhouette artist who will create multiple portraits of visitors.

For Culture Vultures
Mark Clare is a contemporary Irish artist who explores the idea of ‘social value’ in his work.

He works with diverse media; various constructed and mechanized structures, re-purposed objects, film, installation, to consider global and economic forces, the politics of public space and the power of the media.

He mixes elements of recent history and social behaviour, such as the world enthusiasm for ping-pong in the 1970’s, monumental public sculpture in former communist states, and the contemporary prevalence of surveillance of public space through CCTV. 

His work seeks to open up possibilities:

“Art has political capital at its disposal that should not be underestimated. The use of this potential to manipulate social circumstances is a practice of art just as valid as the manipulation of traditional materials.”                          
Mark Clare

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