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Brian Duggan
1916 Walking tour
All Year

The Crawford Art Gallery 1916 Art Trail Leaflet will be available to visitors to the gallery all year long. It will outline the works on display at the Crawford that are relevant to the events of the 1916 Rising. Works directly depicting life and politics of the era will be the main focus of the trail, the intention being to make our audience aware of the wider context of the Rising and thus bring this tumultuous era to full, colourful life. Other related works will include artists and themes that are tied in some way to the Rising itself and the social and political climate in which it occurred.

Works included in the Trail will be identifiable by a logo that will appear, along with contextual information, on the labels of all works included. Our goal is to make it easy for visitors to the gallery to trace our political history in art. As the works on display at the gallery evolve throughout the year so too will the trail. We also aim to direct our visitors to other “sites of interest” with this trail.