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Vicky Langan intimate performance in response to Alice Maher's Vox Materia
Thursday 15 November
5:30pm, 6:15pm, 7pm
Vicky Langan
Intimate performance in response to Alice Maher's Vox Materia
Thursday, 15th November, 2018
3 performances at 5:30pm, 6:15pm and 7pm

Free but ticketed via Eventbrite

Vicky Langan will present 3 performances in response to Alice Maher's Vox Materia, in the library of the Crawford Art Gallery. Interacting physically with Vox Materia's bronze elements and drawing on the ideas raised by the show,

Langan will layer physical gesture with scraps of sound to create an intensely personal response to Maher's work.

Artist’ Bio
Vicky Langan (b. 1986) is a Cork-based artist whose practice operates across several often overlapping fields, chiefly performance, sound, and film.

Langan both embraces and projects vulnerability, offering an intimate territory loaded with personal symbolism and unguarded emotion.

With a focus on the sounds of the body and its functions, involving contact-­miked skin, amplified breath and live electronic manipulation,

Langan’s work sits between sound and performance art. Using simple raw materials such as domestic objects, hair and magnetic tape, she layers physical gestures and scraps of sound to create intensely personal imaginary landscapes. Mundane domesticity is explored as a temporal space where the material body and sensual inner worlds mesh. In opening herself emotionally, she creates warm yet discomforting rituals that at once embrace the viewer and remain resolutely private, exploring the limits of what can be shared between people and what must remain mysterious.

Exhibition link:
Alice Maher Vox Materia 
7 September – 24 November 2018

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