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The Drunken Faun (Detail), John Hogan
National Heritage Week
Meta-perceptual Helmets Tour
22–28 August 2015

Cleary Connolly’s Meta-perceptual helmets ingeniously invite us to set aside our preconceptions and to experience things in ways quite different from the norm.”
Aidan Dunne, Irish Times, 2 dec 2014

The Meta-perceptual Helmets are a series of 5 helmets inspired by the experiments of early 20th century psychologist George M Stratton. Stratton wore glasses that turned the world upside-down and discovered that over a period of several days he could adapt to this new situation.

Cleary & Connolly’s meta-perceptual helmets propose a variety of visual experiments: the enhanced stereoscopic view of a hammerhead shark; the disconcerting forwards and backwards vision of the chameleon or the almost 360° vision of a horse.

The collection was hand crafted in polished aluminium by master carriage-builder Neil Mckenzie, whose experience of vintage cars has come into play, giving the helmets a sleek, retro-punk aesthetic.
 “extremely rad, most enjoyable, fantastic...”
a visitor to the Centre Culturel Irlandais, February 2014

Monday 24 August    

Tuesday 25 August  

Wednesday 26 August  

Thursday 27 August    
2pm–4pm (Meet the Artist)

Friday 28 August
10am–12pm  (Meet the Artist)

Saturday 29 August   


Tour dates: 
Galway Arts Festival, Galway University Hospital, 14th—19th July;
Spraoi Festival, Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford, 31th July—2nd August
Kilkenny Arts Festival, Rothe House, 7th – 16th August
National Heritage Week, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, 22nd – 28th August;
Emo Court, Co Laois, 4th – 6th September
Culture Night 2015, Hunt Museum, Limerick, 18th – 20th September.


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