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The Drunken Faun (Detail), John Hogan
Creative Writing Competition Results 2015

A huge thank you to all the participants that entered the Creative Writing Competition, the quality, range, generosity and humour contained within the work will remain with staff of the gallery.

The idea of a writing competition was proposed by Laura McKenna, who runs a creative writing course in the gallery.

The competition was run in conjunction with the launch of the gallery publication Three Centuries of Irish Art.

While run on a shoe-string budget, we were nearly overwhelmed by the number of submissions that we received!

Click on the links below to read the entries.

Competition Winners
Poetry winner: Claire O'Relly
Title of Poem: Salvation
Title of Painting: Going to Mass

Short Story Winner: Barbara Leahy
Short Story Title: Don't look Back
Artwork: The Way Home by Daniel O'Neill

Prose / Personal reflection winner: Musetta Joyce
Title of Prose: Ivy
Title of Artwork: The Drunken Faun

Claire O'Relly, Musetta Joyce, and   Barbara Leahy, winners of The Creative Writing competition 2015