The Drunken Faun (Detail), John Hogan
Cork Heritage Open Day
Saturday 22 August 2015

10am - 12pm / Mono-screen print
12pm - 2.00pm / Dry-point print
2.00pm - 4.00pm / Mono-screen print

(AGES 6 – 86 / children under 10 must be accompanied at all times by an adult)

No experience is required, all materials supplied, and all are welcome!

Sessions are free of charge / Booking is essential

Crawford Art Gallery and Cork Printmakers will collaborate by facilitating three fine art print workshops that will allow participants to fully engage with Cork Heritage Open Day in a participative and stimulating way through the creative arts.

The workshops will take inspiration from the ‘Cleary and Connolly Meta-Perceptual Helmets’. These five helmets/viewing devices start off by exploring physical conditions of viewing: if we have two eyes, they why is our vision so limited? Why do we have so little perception of depth? Why don’t our two eyes offer us two different, complementary views of the world around us? Wearing the helmets, the visitor becomes a hybrid creature himself, part human, part machine, part animal, but also: part work of art. A work of art that challenges those who contemplate the helmet - from the inside or from the outside - to take a new perspective on the world.

Participants in the workshops will be guided to explore themes of micro and macro elements of the animal kingdom, our perceptions of animal versus human as well as looking at the beauty of the physical helmets themselves.

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