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New Resource Pack

We are delighted to introduce the new Gallery Resource Pack. Designed by Liz Morrissey, the pack presents the 12 key artworks from the collection, with worksheets, visuals and artist biographies. Please find a version to download below.

Click here to view the Primary School Worksheet (7mb)

Individual Sheets

View of Cork by John Butts (396k)
John Butts Bio (66k)
View of Cork by John Butts Large (319

Harry Clarke (142k)
Harry Clarke Bio (74k)
Harry Clarke Large Image (486))

Eilis O'Connell (101k)
Eilis O'Connell Bio (70k)
Eilis O'Connell Large Image (424k)

John ffrench (525k)
John ffrench Bio (58k)
John ffrench Large Image (179k)

James Barry (781k)
James Barry Bio (77k)
James Barry Large Image (510k)

Mainie Jellett (407k)
Mainie Jellett Bio (74k)
Mainie Jellett Large Image (465k)

Laocoon and his Sons (232k)
Canova Casts Bio (58k)
Laocoon Large Image (211k)

Norah McGuinness (853k)
Norah McGuinness Bio (79k)
Norah McGuinness Large Image (443k)

Murdo Macleod (71k)
Murdo MacLeod Bio (73k)
Murdo MacLeod Large Image (586k)

Sean Keating (561k)
Sean Keating Bio (80k)
Sean Keating Large Image (417k)

Time Flies (1.4mb)
William Gerard Barry Bio (69k)
Time Flies Large Image (443k)

Jack B. Yeats (1.77mb)
Jack B. Yeats Bio (78k)
Jack B. Yeats Large Image (418k)

Further information:
Anne or Emma
+353 (0)21 490 7857 / 490 7862