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Gifted Water

Úna Quigley
Gifted Water

12 April–1 June 2013

Crawford Art Gallery is pleased to present as part of the exhibition False Optimism, Gifted Water by Irish artist Úna Quigley. 

Gifted Water  concerns a central character who is permeated by her shifting environments. She moves through illusions of grandeur and persecution, between genders and ages, as she weaves through spaces. Informed by the dramatic genre of the Theatre of the Absurd, the work has an emphasis on the poetic image which undercuts narrative linearity.

The character evolved physically with the collaboration of Berlin-based dancer Sheena McGrandles, whose work is concerned with “doing” the body, with an attempt to disturb it and the space it inhabits.

This work was filmed in Berlin and made with the support of the Arts Council of Ireland.

Performed by: Sheena McGrandles
Voice: Úna Quigley