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Creative Exchanges Cork

During February and March the Learn and Explore programme will host tailored training designed and delivered by the organisation Age & Opportunity.

The training course is called Creative Exchanges, it is designed for people leading creative activities with older people in care settings.

Creative Exchanges covers topics such as:

  • Working creatively with people who have dementia
  • Planning activity work
  • Exploring music-based activities
  • Delivering drama-related activity
  • Working with the visual arts

The course appeals to activities coordinators, to those working in a residential or day care setting or to artists interested in engaging with older people in a care setting.

Find out more about Creative Exchanges by contacting us on 01 805 7709 or emailing

Check also Arts & Health Case Study about the programme

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Cork Creative Exchanges in the
Crawford Art Gallery, Co. Cork

Session 1
Thursday 2 February

Session 2
Friday 2 February

Session 3  
Friday 3 March

Session 4  
Friday 10 March

Session 5  
Friday 24 March

Session 6  
Friday 31 March

Session 7  
Friday 7 April


Images from the event